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Welcome to New Wiki Rovelyn dela Rosa is treasure in a tiny package

Rovelyn dela Rosa is treasure in a tiny package. She is not famous, a genius, a model (though she could be), or anything else spectacular. She is remarkable and a treasure mostly for what is inside. Her open heart and giving nature makes her one of those fit for the rapture! Her heart is aligned with goodness, and her greatest gift is being one of relatively few that you can look at and say, “if God judged humankind, she would be one soul that would give Him reason to keep us alive”.

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Rovelyn is:Edit

Righteous to a fault,

Only immaturity remains her other fault,

Voted Queen for her physical beauty she is

Even more beautiful in her heart and soul;

Looks is what most see but her greatest beauty is her heart and soul,

Your eyes see a purity rare in this world and your heart feels an even rarer kindness,

Noting all that she is, there is not a soul on this earth that can resist loving her!

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